"Wines on the Table for the Holidays"

Park City Television, Mountain Life
Nov. 2013 Watch the video

"Food and Wine Pairing for Fall and Winter"

Park City Television, Mountain Morning Show
Sept. 2013 - Watch the video


"Top 10 Things to Do in Park City in Summer" - The Guide to the Good Life since 1969
August 2013 - Read the write up


"Best Wine Value EVER!" 

Park City Television Mountain Life

July 2013 - Watch the Video

"Cool School"

Fox 13's Good Day Utah
July, 2012 - Watch the Video

Keeping The Palate Trained

Park Record, June 2012
By Scott Iwasaki: Keeping the Palate Trained

A Light, Fresh New Zealand Chardonnay

Salt Lake Tribune, June 2012
By Kathy Stephenson: Light, Fresh, New Zealand Chardonnay

Miss Fox Featured on Zions Direct TV

May 2012 

Movie Theater Snacks and Wine Pairings

Park City Television, January 2012

Kirsten joined Jen Hardman of Park City Television and personal chef Rebekah Abrams to make some fun movie snacks in advance of the Sundance Film Festival coming to town. Get the snack recipes and see the wine pairings here! Movie Snacks & Wines Part I and Movie Snacks & Wines Part II

An Educational Happy Hour

Park Record, June 2011

By Scott Iwasaki: Fox School of Wine starts up its summer classes

Winter Wines & Food Pairings

Mountain Express Magazine, Winter 2010

"Winter Wines and Warm Appetizers", written by our headmistress Fox, explores six Park City restaurants and gets the executive chef's opinion of his or her favorite warm appetizer along with a great wine to pair with the offering. A sidebar explains key food qualities (like spicy or salty) and highlights suggestions good pairing wines. Read The Article "Winter Wines" on Pages 33-35


Office Hours - Ordering Wine for a Group

Park City Television, March 2010

What wines should you order when you're at a restaurant in a group? What are some easy, food-pairing wines? Watch The Video: Ordering Wine For a Group


Office Hours - Weight of the Wine Food

Park City Television, April 2010

Seems simple: order a light weight wine with light food, medium with medium and so on. But how do you determine weight of a wine? What's an easy trick to help you remember? Watch The Video: How to Determine Wine Weight


Office Hours - Getting Great Wine Service

Park City Television, April 2010

What should you expect at a restaurant for wine service? How do you get top notch service? Watch The Video to Find Out How To Get Great Wine Service 

Outdoor Dining in Park City

Mountain Express Magazine, Summer 2009

"Alfresco Dining Under the Stars", written by our headmistress Fox, explores great restaurants in Park City that offer outdoor dining. A sidebar explains food and wine pairing made simple. Read The Article "Alfresco Dining" on Pages 34-35

Old World vs. New World Smackdown

Park City Television, December 2008

"Old World vs. New World Smackdown: Cabernets in the ring" was the class in December 2008 and PCTV wanted to be there to view the carnage. View the video: Old World vs. New World Cabernet Sauvignon

Wines for Group Dinners

Mountain Express Magazine, Winter 2008

"Great restaurant. Group dinner. Which wines?", written by our headmistress Fox, delves into the tricky art of ordering for others when you are given the wine menu. Read The Article "Group Dinner" on Pages 34-35